How It All Started

This is the story of how a conversation about baking on Twitter blossomed into something tasty…

In August 2012, a little known baking programme (something with Mary Berry) took to our screens. In Aberdeen, two viewers happened to be enthusiastic bakers, Colene and Karen. The pair had never met, but through a mutual friend, knew of each other’s affinity for all things crafty in the kitchen.

While watching, the girls struck up a conversation on Twitter – how wonderful would it be to meet up, have a glass of wine, and swap bakes? They started searching to see if there were any local baking clubs they could attend, but alas their search was fruitless.


There were no groups in Aberdeen, and when they looked into national franchises they found strict guidelines and rules that seemed to take the fun out of baking altogether.

A lightbulb moment – what if we held a monthly baking club, where there was no competitive element, no guidelines on what you could make – just a group of like-minded people swapping recipes, bakes, stories of kitchen triumphs and catastrophes?

A few weeks later, clutching their Tupperware in the very dimly lit bar of Tiger Tiger (RIP), Colene and Karen, waited nervously, at the very first meet of ‘Pinnies and Petticoats‘.

To their delight (and surprise!), 8 lovely bakers showed up – all of whom were keen home bakers, with delicious goods, no competitive agenda, and great craic.


By the end of that night, plans were afoot for another meet up the following month.


In October, news spread and more bakers turned up to Pinnies and Petticoats, followed by more in November, and more still the following month.


Before we knew it, we were celebrating Pinnies and Petticoats‘ first birthday. We couldn’t believe something we’d randomly chatted about on Twitter had actually happened, and that people were sill coming – up to 18 at each event.


In the three years since, we’ve moved locations, including Amicus Apple (RIP), Soul Bar, and Dusk, where we welcome anywhere up to 28 bakers.

Themes have been set (Picnic in the Park, Eurovision, Say Aye Tae A Pie and the ever popular CHEESE MONTH), and special guests organised, but one thing has always remained the same – the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a group of people who love nothing more than spending time up to their elbows in flour and sugar; drinking a wine or two (or tea – we’re not alcoholics, promise), and chatting to others who share their love of macarons, cheese twists, and carrot cake. Oh and we love a novelty bake – giant Jelly Babies, and Loo-Roll Holder dolls amongst our favourites).picnic


In December 2015,  it was time to dust down the baking club and give it bit of a makeover. Pinnies and Petticoats was put to bed, and following consultation with regular attendees, we decided to rename. Choosing a new name proved to be easy – in the 3 years we’d been running, despite our ‘official’ name, we’d become widely known as Aberdeen Bake Club. Who are we to argue?

So that’s it. Our story. Hopefully it’s just the beginning…


Want to know more about Aberdeen Bake Club? Click the links below to find out more!

Clear as mud? Contact us if you have any questions

P.S Just in case you wondered – we still meet to watch the GBBO final 🙂


In fact, sometimes we get a little carried away 🙂 Ready. Steady. BAKE!



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