10 Things You Need to Know About ABC


We quite often get asked similar questions on our Facebook page – here are 10 facts about Aberdeen Baking club that should answer the majority!

  1. All you have to do is bake something and turn up ( we don’t bake at the club – we do it in advance).
  2. We meet monthly.Venues can change but are always posted on the Facebook page.
  3. There’s NO membership, or admission fee – we welcome as many people as possible (though we do have a maximum capacity). It’s important to us that ABC is always free to attend.
  4. There are NO rules and NO competition element!
  5.  Usually we theme the event each month, and it’s always posted on the event page.
  6. Please feel free to come along without a bake for the first time if you are nervous!
  7. This is an important one – bring a BIG Tupperware with you as you’ll have lots of goodies to take home!
  8. Feel free to bring a friend – they don’t have to bake if they don’t want to.
  9. We advise that you don’t eat dinner beforehand. You’ll only kick yourself when you get full after trying only two bakes.
  10. Cheese Month is always a good idea…

♥ Upcoming events


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