About Us


Aberdeen Bake Club started in September 2012, under the guise of “Pinnies and Petticoats”.

Meeting monthly in Aberdeen, ANYONE is welcome to attend – each month a theme is set, posted here, and on our Facebook page, and people are invited to bake something, bring it with them, and swap their bakes in the mother of all afternoon teas!

We have NO rules at Aberdeen Bake Club, but there are a few things we ask to you abide by:

  1. NO membership, or admission fee, or joining process – You are free to attend every month, or come once in a blue moon. Whatever suits you. We set the club up with the intention of it being free, and a casual meet up of folk who enjoy cakes, bakes, and a tipple 🙂 (though soft drinks/tea/coffee are also available – whatever floats your boat).
  2. NO COMPETITION –  You won’t find Mary Berry et al at Aberdeen Bake Club. Every person who attends ABC has had a baking fail of some sort, and once you’ve met us, you’ll realise that we love nothing better than celebrating some of our more ‘interesting’ bakes. We do not welcome competition – in any shape or form. Our club is for fun, and don’t get us wrong; we love nothing more than an intricately decorated three-tier jobby. But we also love proper, scruffy looking sausage rolls. And if you drop your bake on the way to one of our events, scrape it up and bring it with you  – there’s not much we won’t eat…*
  3. Be prepared – Oh wait, did we nick that from the Brownies? Oh well, it applies well here too. If you’re attending ABC, you’ll need the following things:
    1. A healthy appetite – we recommend skipping dinner before ABC events.Trust us on this one.
    2. A LARGE Tupperware box/cake tin. We all have eyes bigger than our bellies, and ALWAYS find ourselves defeated by the sheer feast on offer each month. We tend to work our way round everyone’s bakes, but there are always leftovers to take home, so bring a decent sized Tupperware box with you. You other half/mates/colleagues/pets will love you when you rock up with a ready made afternoon tea 🙂
  4. Bring a friend – Even if you love soda bread, cheese twists and marshmallows as much as we do (hint – a lot), we know that attending an established club for the first time can be a little daunting. Why not bring a friend with you? Even the one that can burn a Pot Noodle. They don’t have to bring anything with them other than some banter and a good appetite, and who knows, they might be inspired to bake something and come back with you next time?
  5. Be nice – Crap. Is that one from the Brownies too? Hopefully this is an obvious one. We’re a really friendly bunch, and like nothing better than a yap, a giggle, and tucking into some tasty home bakes. If you don’t like one of the ingredients in something someone has made, then just don’t take one. Simples.

And that’s pretty much it. We’d love to see you at one of our upcoming events – come along and tell us what went right and what went wrong with your bake, and meet some of Aberdeen’s friendliest amateur bakers.

* Honestly. We’ve had cupcakes that were stuck to the lid of a tub after being dropped upside down on Union Street; a giant Jelly Baby that was well, quite sturdy; fudge that had to be scooped up by spoon, and some hilarious Pinterest fails.

♥ 10 Things You Need to Know About ABC

♥ Upcoming Events

♥ How it All Started



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