SEPTEMBER | 5th Birthday Party

Our birthday party almost had a very different twist this month. When I arrived at Dusk, the bar man looked at me. Clutching my Tupperware, I said: “One guess what I’m here for!”

He nodded, and replied: “Ah – Date Club!”

I looked at him blankly, waiting for a punchline, until the silence got awkward.

“Em, no. I’m here for Bake Club?”

“Oh BAKE Club. I must have misheard your booking. Bake Club does make more sense – I was worried when you asked for napkins on the phone…”

Misunderstanding over, the lovely barman at Dusk gladly helped us set up our bakes on the bar for our 5th Birthday Party.

Look at us – all grown up. Well, kind of. We still had Top Hats, but then again who doesn’t love a Top Hat?

Our birthday parties are always great fun – we ask our bakers to make their favourite party food, and it’s always nice to see some childhood favourites. This month was no different with fairy cakes,  fudge crispy biscuits and sausage rolls – which had originally been made with homemade pastry. Unfortunately the homemade pastry was so good that THOSE sausage rolls didn’t make it to ABC (!), but we were all quite happy to munch the the shop bought pastry ones.

We also had a sample of international birthday parties with Debbie’s granny’s Argentinian Chocotorta, and Licia’s Tiramisu, and even our very own birthday cake (thanks Alana!)

It’s reassuring that in our fifth year we had some people baking for the first time and a first time attendee. It’s always interesting to hear how people discover ABC, and so it was music to our ears to hear that a past member who has moved away from the area was chatting about our wee club in her local supermarket, which led the young gentleman on check out to tell his cousin, a keen baker who has not long moved to Aberdeen, and who it turns out, makes a cracking birthday cake.


Thank you so much if you’ve visited our club any time in the past 5 years – whether you came when we were still “Pinnies and Petticoats”; you came with a friend and decided to keep coming back; you’ve dropped in and out when you could; or you’ve become a ‘regular’ – we appreciate every one of you, and have enjoyed every morsel you’ve brought along, every story of a slightly disastrous bake, and every new friendship that’s been struck amongst a group of like-minded, baking-daft strangers.

After reminiscing about the last five years, we got to planning the rest of our year, and October and November events are now live on the Facebook page – trust me, you DON’T want to miss our Christmas event this year (SPOILER – THERE’S A PUB QUIZ!).

Our birthday bakes are down below (it appears I was enjoying mine so much that I forgot to even take a snap  – salted caramel apple crumble cups), and we’ll be back soon with our favourite moments of the last five years – visit the Facebook page to let us know your best bits!

Colene x

Jo’s Butterfly Buns
Morag’s Merry Mice
Sophie’s Orange Fairy Buns
Corinna’s Fudge Crispy Cakes
Heather’s Sausage Rolls
Ellen’s Pumpkin Spiced White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Licia’s Tiramisu
Lauren’s Top Hats
Debbie’s Chocotorta (with Glayva and Dulce de Leche)
Rachael’s Cheese, Bacon and Pesto Pinwheels
Alana’s Vanilla and Raspberry Birthday Cake

♥ Events

♥ 10 Things You Need to Know About ABC

♥ How It All Started



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