Let’s catch up, shall we?

When you explain the concept of bake club to people – bake. turn up. eat. drink. repeat. – they usually understand the genius in the simplicity of it.

However the organisation of ABC – the documenting of events, booking of spaces and admin of our social media channels – is actually quite a lot of work. This summer has seen Holly and I run off our feet in our personal lives, and unfortunately ABC has suffered slightly. We even took a month off – something we usually only do in December.

During this time, one attendee got in touch with a message which made me a bit “emosh”:

“Maybe we can look at a team of people to volunteer to host future events – I can imagine it’s a lot on your own.

“I love bake club and I’d hate for it to end – I still can’t get over how such a nice group of people can come together over a love of cake.”

After a bit of a evaluation, we’ve realised that we’ve been a bit daft. Trying to manage it all on our own just isn’t working.

So now we’re looking at how we can take things forward. Five years (!) seems like a good time to see if we need to change things up, or maybe even set up a little ABC Committee to take pressure off those who organise things every month. This way we can set up an events calendar, plan in special events, and take turns at hosting so that some of us don’t burst into tears when they realise they’ve got a work trip when it’s their favourite month (it was cheese month – you’d cry too).

We’ll be back on here with photos from our 5th Birthday Party, but in the meantime please accept our apologies for a lack of posts on here, and enjoy the photos below of some of our 2017 events!

♥ If you’d like to get involved with ABC, send us an email, or contact us via Facebook or Instagram.

March | Cheese Month

April | Say Aye Tae A Pie!

July | Picnic in the Park


♥ About Us

 How It All Started


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