January | Hello 2017!


Guess who’s back, back, back, back again?

Bake Club’s back, tell a friend!


Horrendous Eminem parodies aside (sorry), I think we were all looking forward to our first event of the year. Because let’s face it, 2016 was a bit shite. Too many celebrity deaths, political unrest, and the the biggest shock of the year – the Great British Bake Off moving to Channel 4…


But one thing you can always rely on (not you Paul Hollywood – boo, hiss), to cheer you up is a bit of baking.

To keep things relaxed, we didn’t set a theme for January. Most of us were still getting over the madness of Christmas/Hogmanay, and after 17,000 pigs in blankets, 300 mincemeat pies and enough chutney to see you into 2020, it was nice to just get back in the kitchen and bake what we wanted to.

You know how gym-goers moan that they can’t get near the place in January because of all of the “New Years Resolutioners”? Well we aren’t ones to moan when we have new attendees to share our bakes with, and last month we welcomed a host of new faces.

Some who had been meaning to come for a long time, some who came for the first time with a friend, and some who decided that a new year called for a new hobby and wanted to find out what we were all about.

Weren’t able to attend? Why not come to our February event – it is a special one. Not just because it’s our Kiss the Cook-spin on Valentine’s, but because it’s the one year anniversary of our ‘rebrand‘ to Aberdeen Bake Club!

We’d love to see you at it – whether you’re a late Resolutioner, or a long time attendee.

Colene’s Gourgeres with Crab, Salmon and Capers
Colene’s Gougeres with Pate and Cranberry
Morag’s chocolate chip cookies
Morag’s chocolate orange biscuits
Shiv’s cranberry and stilton loaf
Lauren’s maple syrup and pecan cookies


Ellen’s peanut butter and jam pinwheel cookies
Ruth’s red velvet cupcakes


Holly’s Turkish lemon yoghurt cake
Holly’s homemade orange syrup
Rachael’s Lammingtons
Katy’s individual chocolate orange pavlovas


Helena’s banana loaf
Lara’s Nutella brioche


Amanda’s white chocolate and cherry blondies
Katie’s chocolate and raspberry teacakes
Corinna’s Sriracha caramel brownies
Sarah’s Lemon and Blueberry Loaf
Louise’s Christmas cupcakes (Louise was unable to attend our Christmas event but wanted to get the good of her decorations!)


Upcoming Events

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How It All Started




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