December | Baking Around the Christmas Tree!


Are we all rested? Or back to work/uni/school/normal life and feeling completely frazzled?

How was Christmas only a fortnight ago? Or rather, how have we managed to finish all of those Celebrations/Heroes/Roses/Quality Street/cheeses already???

If it feels like our Christmas event was an age ago, well, that’s because it was.

Aberdeen Bake Club always holds its Christmas event in November, so as not to clash with the numerous pantomimes, work parties and last minute shopping we all have going on in December.

Still, gathered in Soul in the middle of November in our festive jumpers, any passers-by would have been forgiven for thinking we’d gone a bit daft. Thankfully the bar had already popped up its Christmas tree and sparkly lights, so we didn’t look too out of place.


Fearing some people may feel our celebrations were a little too early and that we’d end up with just Christmas fanatics Colene and Iain bopping around Soul to Mariah Carey (which would still have been brilliant), it was just wonderful to have 22 bakers turn up, with not one Scrooge or Grinch amongst them.

This was a special meet for two reasons -firstly, it was our first festive event as Aberdeen Bake Club. It was in November 2015 at ‘Pinnies and Petticoats‘ Christmas event that Colene and Holly decided that baking club needed a bit of a refresh, and so went away, ate plenty of pigs and blankets, and came back in 2016 with ABC.

Secondly, it was the last meet of ABC for the year. The year that saw ABC launched, and more bakers attend than ever before. We’re really delighted that so many people have popped along, sent us messages, or followed our wee club.

We’re so excited to start our 5th year (!) of bake club, and hope to see you at our first event on January 18th. This is a ‘no theme’ event, so great if you’ve fancied coming along for a while but found baking to a theme a bit daunting. Why not make a family favourite, something you have all the time, a childhood bake? Or try something you’ve wanted to make for ages. Or make nothing at all. We’d love to see you either way, and look forward to welcoming a host of new and familiar faces in 2017.

Anyway, back to Christmas. Yes we do it early, by my goodness we do it well. Because after all, it’s not REALLY Christmas until ABC says so 🙂


The Bakes

Debbie’s white chocolate covered gingerbread truffles and Nutella booze balls


Colene’s salted caramels with sea salt, or crushed candy canes
Rachael’s festive shortbread
Kirsty’s festive banana loaf
Katie’s chocolate and peanut butter brownies
Nicola’s peppermint Battenberg
Louise’s Christmas Cheesecake
Iain’s turkey, cranberry and walnut rolls
Lauren’s eggnog Bundt cakes
Lynne’s dark chocolate ginger nuts
Lynne’s pesto pizza Christmas trees
Rhona’s boozy orange chocolate stars
Emer’s clementine and Greek yoghurt cake
Iain’s gingerbread cupcakes
Joyce’s cranberry and orange shortbread
Julie’s candy cane cupcakes
Julie’s tear and share cheese bread garland
Jenna’s brie and cranberry bites


Gillian’s Christmas jumper biscuits
Gillian’s festive sausage rolls with apple and cranberry chutney
Ellen’s brie and cranberry parcels
Ellen’s double chocolate cookies
Andrea’s snowmen cupcakes
Corinna’s Christmas stuffing baubles, with cranberry sauce, sausage, and sage and onion stuffing in a bun
Morag’s mincemeat pies

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