Drama, an apology and a birthday party


Don’t you hate it when bloggers do that annoying “Guys, I’m so sorry for the lack of content. Please don’t hate me!” spiel?

So. Bakers, we’re SO sorry for the lack of content. Please don’t hate us. (Soz, again).

Unfortunately the last month or so has been a bit hectic for the two of us, and as Colene wasn’t able to attend August’s event, we didn’t have a blog from it. By all accounts it was a spectacular savoury feast, as you can see from the photos we’ve popped below.

Phew. Glad that’s done. Thanks for being so understanding 😉

Anyhoo, now that we’re past that awkward conversation, onto the good stuff!

TONIGHT Aberdeen Bake Club celebrates its 4th birthday!


I can’t believe our baby is 4…what started as a conversation on Twitter during the Great British Bake Off in 2012 has blossomed into a truly wonderful gathering of keen home bakers, who meet monthly to celebrate their kitchen successes and catastrophes.

Thank you SO much if you’ve played a part in keeping our wee squad going, whether you’ve attended once, are a regular, or simply stalk our social media for a nosey at what we’re all about.

Our birthday parties have always been great fun with some memorable bakes…

Bob’s Fidget Pie
Martin’s ‘Party Hedgehog’ – who doesn’t love these?!
And Fee’s famous doll cake, named Shirley.


Our next event following tonight’s party will be GBBO themed – you’re invited to make anything from the themes featured in this series. Dates to be announced very soon.

*DRAMA KLAXON* We can’t mention the GBBO without the CATASTROPHIC news that broke this week.

Our Facebook notifications went into meltdown, with followers in shock at the move from BBC to Channel 4. Given that the presenters are not part of the contract, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next, with Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue having previously said that the GBBO is firmly a BBC show.

We’ll be watching closely to see what unfolds, but our bakers summed it up perfectly with their comments on our page:

“The baking is always the star of each show.” Clare Smith

“It’s still going to be on, so I am still happy.” Jen Rennie

“I’m going to take the advert breaks as an excuse to top up my wine glass…” Sophie Blanchard

That’s the spirit!

NOTE: OH GOD! Things just got worse overnight! That’s Mel and Sue gone now too! When will the carnage end?!?!?


P.S Kudos to Pointless host Richard Osman for this cracking Tweet in reaction to the news.




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