Diary | Cocktails and Canapes April 20th

Cocktails and Canapes.jpg

Alas we have now had our last meet in Amicus Apple before The Boozy Cow moves in in May.

Don’t fear bakers, we’ve secured a new venue in time for our next meet! Our next event – Cocktails and Canapes – will take place at Soul Bar, on Union Street. We have kindly been offered the back area for Aberdeen Bake Club, and think it could be the start of something wonderful.

Soul relaunches its cocktail menu today, and we couldn’t help but spot the fantastically named The Great British Shake Off – sure to be a hit with our bakers.


For the theme, bakers are free to make nibbles that they enjoy with a drink such as blinis or cheese straws, or you can incorporate your booze into your bake – Pina Colada cake perhaps? Rum and Raisin toffee?

We look forward to seeing you there, and celebrating our first event at Soul!


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