March | Cheese, Glorious Cheese


It’s been a week, and only now do I feel that I can comfortably mention the c-word.

Bakers – you did Cheese Month in style. I think Holly and I were a little worried that we’d hyped the event up to be something of mythical proportions, a Fromage Nirvana if you will.

Just a few steps up the stairs in Amicus Apple however, and it was evident that Cheese Month was back with a bang – the aroma was strong to say the least!

Twenty-two of you came along with a veritable feast of dairy-laden goods, with a really impressive mix of savoury and sweet. Most months we tend to be a little heavy on the sweet side, and cheese month does present the problem of ‘cheese sweats’, but the variety was really fantastic.

Before we got stuck in to our table of goodies, we had the opportunity to hear from Mechelle Clark of Melt Aberdeen.

Mechelle Clark of Melt

After leaving the oil and gas industry behind in 2014, Mechelle decided to open Aberdeen’s only grilled cheese shop at Holburn Street at the start of March. Mechelle is a woman after our own hearts with a huge love for baking, having previously owned her own cupcake business.

Why cheese though?

“Why not? There’s very little as satisfying as a well made grilled cheese sandwich,” she said.

We can’t argue with that.

With a small, but growing menu which includes taste sensations such as Haggis (“I wasn’t convinced when it was suggested, but my god it’s good”, Macaroni (“the ultimate hangover cure”), and the French Onion Melt (“it’s all about loads of butter on the bread and mountains of Gruyere”), Melt is fast becoming every north-east cheese lovers ultimate hang out.

With a new coffee menu, with coffee from Mr Eion of Stockbridge, and dessert options (Brioche with Mascarpone and chocolate, anyone?), I’m sure plenty of ABC-ers will be heading along.

But what of our own bakes?

Damn, we’re good. There’s a strict rule at Aberdeen Bake Club that we have no competitive element when it comes to our bakes, but if we were judging our events Cheese Month 2016 would win HANDS DOWN.

Thanks so much to the new faces who came along (waves), and to the familiar faces – it was epic.

I’m going to close with two of my favourite comments from the night:

“It is a really challenging cheese” – Tallegio. Not for the faint hearted, apparently.

“I’m CHEESE DRUNK” – uttered in between fits of giggles.

I’ll toast to that.

Colene x


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