When Good Bakes Go Bad…


It may seem like a strange thing to say, but some of our favourite moments at Aberdeen Bake Club have been when things go slightly awry in the kitchen.

Yes, we love an intricately decorated cake, a perfectly fudgey brownie, and an expertly risen loaf.

But some of the times that we’ve bonded most have been over tales of utter cock-ups.

Not one person that comes along to Aberdeen Bake Club can hand-on-heart say they’ve never had a kitchen catastrophe, and we love nothing more than consoling them whilst sharing tear-inducing, belly-aching, ‘yup, been there, done that’ laughs.

We asked followers of our social media accounts to recount some of their funniest baking fails in a celebration of the times when you just have to throw in the towel, grab a glass of wine, and admit defeat.

“Here’s today’s failure. Got a star shape tray from my niece for my birthday, so tried a Madeleine mixture in it. Guess I’ll have to think of something else.” Joyce


“My attempt at Italian savoury biscuits was pretty awful! Think they should’ve been blanched and not boiled to death before they were baked! Would’ve made good dog biscuits…” Holly

“I think it was “pie month” that had me at Sainsburys at 6am, on the morning of bake club, buying a pastry case after my 3 attempts at pastry making the night before ended up in the bin…” Louise

“Having a baking disaster right now…!!! Decided to make Jaffa cakes. All going well until I forgot to cool the chocolate a bit before pouring = melted jelly!!!!! Should have just walked round to the shop.” Katie

“Eurovision bake when I melted a plastic spoon making doughnut things. But oh…there’s a lot to choose from.” Lynne

“More a tale of my clumsiness but I made a custard tart but didn’t fill the case on a tray. Tried to carry the tart to the oven, spilled custard on the floor, got the tart in the oven and turned around only to slip in the custard and end up in a heap in the kitchen. Tart was ok though!” Victoria

“I thought my fudge recipe was foolproof, so decided to dye it red and double the batch for Comic Relief. Turns out it isn’t a recipe to be messed about with – I spent the evening peeking into the fridge willing it to set. In the end when I tried to slice it and ended up chasing it around the plate, I gave in an ate it with a spoon.” Colene

“Years ago when my daughter was young, I decided to attempt ‘No Bake Mars Bar Biscuits’ to bring along to her Playgroup. I don’t know how I could have gone wrong given there was no baking involved at all, but they welded themselves to the tray. I had to chuck the whole thing in the bin…” Alison

“I once put a cake in the oven, promptly forgot about it and headed out the door on a night out. After 6 hours in the oven no amount of whipped cream was saving that sponge!” Fiona

“My wife Alex has had a couple of lemon disasters, one with a lemon meringue pie and the other with lemon self saucing desert. Let’s just say it was lemon soup for both of them… its ok I got her permission to post!” Sarah

Special mention has to go to Tom and Martin, who were regular attendees at baking club before moving to Liverpool last year. Their bake for our Baby Shower-themed event wasn’t a baking fail, so much as a scientific breakthrough. Who knew a Jelly Baby could be so hardy? This GIANT wobbly wonder had so much gelatin in it, that even the most die-hard sweet tooth would have struggled to bite through it! It goes down in history as one of our favourite bakes ever.


♥ Oh and talking of baking ‘fails’, we’re fully behind Mary Berry and her use of shop-bought pesto. Sometimes when time is tight, and a shop makes it just as well as you will, we all love a little baking cheat, right? You’d still be welcome along to ABC any month Mazza B.

Have you had to chuck your tin in the bin? Make an emergency dash to the shop to replace a cake which resembled a pancake? Let us know in the comments below!

(Thanks to everyone for your stories – they had us in stitches!)
Colene and Holly

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