February | Love to Bake

Cover_FebWEDNESDAY, February 24th: the date we officially became Aberdeen Bake Club.

Despite the fact that I’ve been organising these events for 3 and a half years, and we always get a fair amount of ‘Interested’ people on our Facebook page, there’s always a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as I walk up the stairs at the back of Amicus Apple. What if no-one’s turned up, and Holly and I are left sitting alone, sadly clutching our Tupperware?

Of course, it’s never happened, and actually as we posted last month’s event details, the numbers of those ‘Interested’ just kept rising.

At one point the event page had almost 40 people, and we began to wonder if even we, hardened gluttons would manage to eat that many cakes, biscuits, breads and pastries.

We’re pretty used to that number changing closer to the event as people’s schedules get taken up with PTA meetings, work events,  illness etc, but we were absolutely over the moon to get to the day of the event and still have 25 people marked as attending.


We’d intentionally set the theme for our first event as the new-and-improved Aberdeen Bake Club as an open, bake-what-you-love theme, and it was great to hear from new attendees that bringing something they were already comfortable baking meant they were less nervous about coming. (Not that you should EVER be nervous – we’re lovers of baked goods, not Michelin-reviewers!)

Thank you so much to those of you who came for the first time, whether alone or with a friend – it was so lovely to meet you, and we hope you’ll be back to our future events. A special mention has to go to Shona who came equipped not only with some fab flapjacks, but a “SAFETY CAKE”. Worried that the flapjacks wouldn’t work, Shona popped into her local Co-op and picked up a Lemon Drizzle cake too! (NOTE: She needn’t have worried, her flapjacks were wonderful. Also FYI – we will never turn down cake, in any form!)



To those who have transitioned with us from the P&P days to the ABC days – thanks for the support over the last wee while as we’ve tarted ourselves up, it means a lot.

To those who have been lurking on our Facebook page, and wanted a nosey to see what the events were all about a) you missed out on some DELICIOUS bakes, and b) why not pull out your cheeseboard and join us at this month’s Fromage Fest? (it’s ALWAYS popular!)

And finally, a massive thank you to Karen for making the journey up from the Central Belt to celebrate with us. If you’ve checked out our How It All Started post, you’ll know that Karen and I set up our baking club in September 2012 after a chat on Twitter, so it was great to have her there for our first gathering as Aberdeen Bake Club.

Karen, Holly and Colene

Now enough yapping – onto the bakes!

Colene and Holly x

Allie’s White Chocolate and Coconut cake – the cake inside was actually two giant Swiss rolls which had been stacked so that the layers were vertical
Sarah’s Raspberry Bakewell Slice – this was delicious with a cup of tea the following day
Lauren’s Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (so dinky!)
Morag’s Malteaser Slice – so moreish!
Colene’s Rainbow Heart Vanilla Cookies – yes, these are a lot of faff! But thanks to the use of icing sugar instead of caster sugar, they’re more like shortbread in texture than usual American cookies
Holly’s Gougeres – with lemon, capers and olives, or pancetta and parmesan – savoury profiteroles – YUM!!! Also Holly’s first time working with Choux pastry – bloody impressive!
Lauren’s Banana, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies – now this seems a little unfair – a fitness instructor who makes moreish cookies?! That doesn’t add up…
Nikki’s French Custard Tart with Blueberry Coulis – Isn’t this beautiful? Nikki whisked us away from grey Aberdeen to a French patisserie
Colene’s Savoury Cheese, Mustard and Chive Donuts, with chilli jam filling – these bitesize donuts are best served warm, but the chill jam kept them moist when cooled.
Cara’s Victoria Sponge – This isn’t just any Victoria Sponge Cake, this is Cara’s Victoria Sponge cake with CLOTTED CREAM. Drool.
Lynne’s Tiffin, and Peanut Butter Squares – Lynne actually whipped up the Tiffin a week early after getting her dates mixed up, and we couldn’t be happier as it meant she had time to also make these seriously addictive peanut squares.
Katy’s Peanut Millionaire Shortbread – Good god this was good. Katy hadn’t managed to make it along to Bake Club for a while, and her return was a spectacular one! That caramel centre was sooooo goooooood.
Victoria’s Nutella Brownie Cupcakes – Like Lynne, Victoria also brought along an extra bake as she had some of these dense, fudgey, nutty cupcakes left from the day before. Who are we to complain?
Louise’s Malteaser Cake – Chocolate cake can sometimes be on the dense, heavy side, but this was such a lovely light cake that you didn’t feel bad about having a slice. Or 5.
Lara’s Snickers Popcorn – Inspired by the gourmet popcorn craze, Lara decided to create her own variety. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this popping up in a posh cafe somewhere very soon. It was DELICIOUS.
Flora’s Tiramisu Cupcakes – Flora was distraught to find that no shops near her stocked Kahlua, but she needn’t have worried. These ‘virgin’ Tiramisu cupcakes were lovely without the booze.
Victoria’s Malted Bourbon Bourbon Biscuits – Now these definitely did have booze in them! The combination of a familiar family biscuit with a kick of bourbon was amazing.
Joyce’s Millionaire’s Shortbread – Joyce has tackled Millionaire’s Shortbread a few times, determined to get it ‘just right’. Joyce, you’ve nailed it love. This was brilliant.
Gillian’s Carrot Cake Muffins – Gillian admitted to being a lurker on Aberdeen Bake Club’s Facebook page and we’re so glad she finally decided to come along. These were great, with a perfect amount of walnuts to stop them being too sweet.
Lara’s Pork and Thyme Sausage Rolls – Savoury always goes down well at ABC, especially as people start to feel the sugar coma hit. But these seemed to disappear in record time – high praise indeed.
Joyce’s Cheese and Bacon Loaf – Did we mention that we like it when people bring it leftovers? This was another savoury bake that seemed to disappear quickly.



Shona’s Flapjacks – See – no need for the safety cake! These were lovely – chewy and golden, and great for breakfast the next day. (Yes, I ate a lot of cake the day after ABC – don’t judge)
Didn’t come to our first event as ABC? This is the plate you missed out on (And that’s only half of it – the rest was tucked away in my Tupperware box ready to take home).

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