The One When We Weren’t Aberdeen Baking Club


OUR first meet of 2016 was a slightly sentimental one.

Holly and I knew it would be our last as Pinnies and Petticoats, and for me in particular, it was quite a bittersweet feeling. P&P had come about between myself and Karen, our other founding member, in 2012, so I had become quite attached to it. But, we had recognised that it was a bit, well, girly, and didn’t really represent us very well.

January was P&P’s swansong and we wanted to do it right, but it’s always a funny month to try and set a theme for. People are sick of the sight of chocolate, having demolished the last of their Christmas chocolate boxes, and some are a few weeks into a new health kick so don’t want the temptation of a sweet bake that could throw them off the rails.

And then there’s the rest of us who are quite happy to inhale sweets and bread 365 days a year (or 366 this year – that extra day surely calls for cake?)

In previous years, we’ve set a theme of “New Year, New Bake” where attendees could choose to use anything baking related they may have received for Christmas; whether that be a cookbook, a new utensil, or an ingredient (chilli jam, anyone?)

This year, we encouraged our guests to do the same, but decided to have no set theme – after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year, it’s nice to get back in the kitchen and bake just for the sake of baking.

So here’s what we had:

Kirstie whipped up a Lemon Curd Cake with homemade curd which was such a nice fresh bake after all the heavy stodge of Christmas time. Apparently we’re lucky there was any curd in the cake, as Kirstie, who is expecting her second child, had tested it from the pan with a spoon. Several times 🙂
Lynne’s Melting Moments – a Pinterest Churro fail meant Lynne whipped these up last minute, but they were delicious!
Lauren came for the first time (*waves* Hi Lauren!), and made this delicious Spelt Banana Loaf. Though she was worried abut it being overbaked, it was melt-in-the-mouth moist.
Allie obviously had her chocolate head on when baking this month, whipping up these fluffy Chocolate and Almond Marshmallows (her first attempt at marshmallows!)….
…and Chocolate and Pistachio Biscotti, which went down a treat at fly time the next day 🙂
There was a unanimous ‘ooooooooooh’ when Victoria unveiled these Peanut Butter Jammy Tarts. There’s peanut butter in the dough, which makes the flavour really subtle and perfectly balanced with the the almost chewy jam centre.
Oh this cheesecake. I wish I still had some. Holly baked Nigel Slater’s Salted Peanut and Chocolate Baked Cheesecake. A departure for savoury-loving Holly, the cheesecake was SUPER moreish, which meant she had to literally prise the last slices away from us, as she’d promised her hubby some!
Louise was one of those who had had enough of Christmas and everything sweet by the time Baking Club came round, so whipped up a batch of plain scones. You can’t beat a good scone 🙂
Katie wowed us all with this Cheese and Ham Soda bread. I believe this was her first soda bread and she absolutely nailed it.
Colene has a penchant for ready rolled puff pastry (only rough puff is worth making from scratch) and decided to transport herself to sunnier climes with a Tapenade Tarte De Soleil aka a fancy tear and share pastry. Accompanied with a citrus Artichoke Dip
Finally Colene had planned to make Sundried Tomato, Feta and Basil Bread Knots. But she accidentally put all of her sundried tomatoes into the tapenade for the bake above, so the bread knots ended up filled with tapenade, feta and basil instead 🙂 Hey, we won’t say no to tapenade two ways!

Our next event takes place on Wednesday, February 24th, and is our first as Aberdeen Bake Club. We’d love to see some new faces, so whether you’ve been Facebook stalking us for a while (hi!), or have just found us, why not come along and see what it’s all about?

Why not read our 10 Things You Should Know About ABC before you come?



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